STEM Innovation Meets Rowing at the Rio Olympics

Athletes around the world are prepping to head to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics.  It’s no surprise that everyone wants an edge on the competition, and thanks to engineering one rowing team will get it. A Philadelphia University engineer is equipping the U.S. Olympic rowing team with innovative suits that are the first of their kind.  Performance apparel expert Mark Sunderland and textile engineer Robert J. Reichlin teamed up to develop the suit for the sumemr games in [...]

New emojis celebrate professional women

Women aren’t just brides and princesses.  But you wouldn’t know that by looking through your emoji bank. Despite the fact that more than 90 percent of the online population uses emojis to communicate, there’s still a major underrepresentation of women — but not for long.  Unicode Consortium announced today that there will be 11 new professional emojis added.  These include a teacher, farmer, rockstar and scientist.  The new additions will come in all skin tones and both male and female [...]